La Perruche

In the late 18th century, France was the largest sugar trader in Europe, with the port of Nantes playing an important role in processing the sugar cane coming from the overseas islands. During the World's Fair in Paris in 1889, "La Perruche" products already won several awards for their unique taste.

The recipe of "La Perruche" cane sugar was developed in 1828 by André Cossé in Nantes. When two sons succeeded him, they remained faithful to their father's recipe in which the unique authentic light caramel taste has remained central.

Anno 2019, the products of "La Perruche" are used worldwide by several top chefs and can be found in the higher gastronomic segment.

"La Perruche" cane sugar is made from 100% pure sugar cane. Available in both white and golden brown, with sugar products that are unique in taste and shape.

The "La Perruche" brand stands for chic and sophistication, an award winning range for the hospitality industry!