Our products

Our focus is on food products with a long shelf life, subdivided into canned fruits, canned vegetables, canned fish and meat, and specialties. These are available under our own brands, private labels and sellers’ brands. Our customers are based in Retail, Industry and “Out of home” markets. Below you will find an overview of our assortment. Other products and can sizes can be purchased on request.

Please do not hesitate to contact our commercial department.

Fruit preserves

Key – Apricots 2500g halves in syrup

Key – Pineapple 425g 8 slices in syrup

Key – Pineapple A10 tidbits in syrup

Key – Pineapple 567g 10 slices in syrup

Key – Pears 410g halves in syrup

Key – Pineapple Superior A10 tidbits in syrup

Key – Apricots 820g halves in syrup

Key – Strawberries 410g in syrup

Dole – Pineapple A10 chunks in juice

Key – Fruit cocktail 820g in syrup

Vegetables preserves

Key – Asparagus 250g

Key – Tomatoes 2500g chopped

Golden Key – Baby corn A10 whole spears

Golden Key – Pesto 500g

Key – Asparagus 430g

Key – Sweetcorn 326g kernels

Key – Chickpeas 2500g

Sugal – Pizza sauce 4.2kg with spices

Golden Key – Artichoke 390g hearts in quarters

Golden Key – Capers 700g fines

Golden Key – Artichoke 390g hearts 5/7 pieces

Key – Asparagus 800g

Artichoke quarters marinated 190g

Key – Asparagus 430g low sodium

Golden Key – Artichoke 2500g quarters

Key – Asparagus A10 center cuts

Golden Key – Kidneybeans 2500g dark red

Key – Celery hearts 4000g

Key – Tomatoes 2500g peeled

Key – Black beans 2500g

Key – Sweetcorn 3000g kernels

White Tower – Tomato paste 860g

Golden Key – Artichoke bottoms 390g

Golden Key – Baby corn 425g whole spears

Golden Key – Artichoke 2500g hearts

Golden Key – Artichoke 390g hearts 8/10 pieces

Key – Lentils 2500g

Key – Capers 4000 ml capotes

Golden Key – Capers 700g non pareilles

White Tower – Tomato paste 4500g

Key – Asparagus A10 tips & cuts

Key – Tomato paste 4500g

Key – Haricots verts 340g

Key – Pizza sauce 4,2kg plain

Sugal – Pizza sauce 4,2kg natural

Key – Asparagus 1500g white

Key – Tomato paste 800g

Fish preserves

Deepblue – Salmon 213g wild sockeye MSC

Deepblue – Tuna pouch 3000g chunks in brine

Deepblue – Tuna pouch 3000g chunks in oil

Deepblue – Tuna 800g chunks in brine

Deepblue – Salmon 213g wild pink MSC

Deepblue – Tuna 185g chunks in oil

Great Ocean – Sardines 125g with skin and bone

Deepblue – Tuna pouch 7000g flakes in oil MSC

Deepblue – Anchovies 48g in oil

Deepblue – Crabmeat 170g pink


La Perruche – Cane rough sugar 475g irregular brown small cubes

Key – Olives 4100g green sliced

Waveline – Quinoa 1kg white

Waveline – Quinoa 1 kg red

La Perruche – Cane rough sugar 2650g wrapped lumps mixed

Mamma Lucia – Olives 350g black

Waveline – Quinoa 1kg black

Mamma Lucia – Tortellini 250gr meat

La Perruche – Cane rough sugar 750g pouch brown

Mamma Lucia – Tortellini 250g meat


Key – Olive oil 5000 ml extra virgin

Tomato paste 240 kilo 28/30% drum

Key – Capers 4000 ml capotes

Meat preserves

Impala – Corned beef 340g