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Our service

Service & Distribution

Besides a strong commercial team, we have facilities to adapt packaging units to your specific demands. We can supply directly to your warehouse per FCL, but we also have ample external storage facilities, led by logistic specialists. Customs formalities are handled quickly and efficiently because of the availability of all relevant customs permits.

Orders can be processed completely digitally with the use of EDI. We are also acquainted with data systems such as GS1, PS in Food and Sim Supply and can supply you with pack shots for your website. We are IFS certified, monitor quality constantly and have short communication lines.

Thanks to the constant quality of both our products and our service, we can offer continuity. You don’t just have to promise service, you really have to deliver it! Therefore our organisation is structured in such a way that you can rely on our service under all circumstances.

In short: Gloe & Zeitz B.V. does everything to be your reliable “partner in business”.


Gloe & Zeitz B.V. is very much aware of its responsibility when it comes to the environment and saving energy. Limited energy consumption and wastage are focus points in our policy. In cooperation with suppliers we aim at reducing the quantity of packaging material and thus a minimal environmental impact.

Gloe & Zeitz B.V. has set itself a number of conditions: the impact on the environment and climate will be taken into account as far as possible, a limited use of (fossil) energy, and a correct compensation for the producer.

We focus on sustainable fishing and we are MSC certified. Where possible, Gloe & Zeitz will also include Fairtrade and organic products in its assortment. Gloe & Zeitz is certified by SKAL to trade organic products.

Quality & food safety systems

Products are carefully selected by Gloe & Zeitz B.V., with a focus on product safety.

The quality of our products is realized in a wide-ranging quality system, which is set up according to IFS Broker standards.

Since 2000 Gloe & Zeitz B.V. is HACCP certified, which has been expanded and adapted to current standards over the years. Where we were previously HACCP and ISO 22000:2005 certified, we are now since 2019 IFS Broker certified.

All products are packed in primary packaging materials which comply with the applicable (EU) legislation. Declarations of compliance are present.