About Gloe & Zeitz B.V.

Gloe & Zeitz B.V. was formed by the merger between Gloe & Co. B.V. and Zeitz International B.V. Both companies were importing and selling preserved foodstuffs.

The main focus of GLOE (est. 1902) was on bulk consumption, ZEITZ (est. 1976) mainly focused on retail. We supply all over Europe in bulk packaging to processing industries. Consumer packages are supplied to chain stores and distributing companies. Larger packages are delivered to a.o. catering wholesalers and institutions.

Gloe & Zeitz B.V. considers responsible entrepreneurship to be of the highest priority. All factories that we work with are regularly reviewed and must meet the set standards (HACCP, BRC, IFS,) that guarantee the healthiness, safety of our products. Most of our fish preserves are MSC certified and from 2020 we proudly present Deepblue Fair Trade tuna . We tread new paths when it comes to ecological and socially responsible fish and seafood production. Besides Fair Trade certification we are also SKAL certified and we are allowed to import and trade organic products. The environment and animal welfare are taken into consideration during the production of organic products.
Gloe & Zeitz B.V. is part of the Gerber Goldschmidt Group which has over 100 years of trading experience and with many associated offices worldwide.

Reliable manufacturers

The merger created a large group of manufacturers with which we’ve been cooperating for many years now. Reliable manufacturers that meet all standards that are required in current society when it comes to environment, hygiene, working conditions, etc. We keep in close touch with these companies and visit them regularly. Because we don’t just want to know what’s in the can or carton, we also want to know the people behind our products.

Quality is paramount

To be able to guarantee good quality, the fresh product is processed directly after the harvest. During the production process continuous checks and inspections take place. Only after approval the cans will get our labels. This is one of the reasons why our products are so valued by consumers and professional users. Buying at the right time because of continually and meticulously monitoring the market, enables us to offer our products at sharp prices.