You can taste the South African sun and the fertile soil of the Western Cape with Silverleaf's fruit preserves. The fruits are professionally grown and harvested with love and care, and the range consists of a broad palette. The premium quality and consistent taste never disappoint.Under the Silverleaf brand, both 820 gram and 2650 gram cans are produced. These are widely used in the kitchen of hotels and restaurants, hospitals, institutions, bakeries and the processing industry.

Silverleaf is a brand of Langeberg and Ashton. This company has been around for more than 60 years and is a leader in the world market for canned fruits. It has an ultra-modern factory and is fully certified.
Gloe & Zeitz B.V. has for decades represented this leading brand of which we
carefully selected the following items: Yellow Cling peaches both half peaches and slices, fruit cocktail, half Bon Cretien (Bartlett) pears and half apricots.