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Our products

Our focus is on food products with a long shelf life, subdivided into canned fruits, canned vegetables, canned fish and meat, and specialties. These are available under our own brands, private labels and sellers’ brands. Our customers are based in Retail, Industry and “Out of home” markets. Below you will find an overview of our assortment. Other products and can sizes can be purchased on request.

Please do not hesitate to contact our commercial department.

Fruit preserves

Halve peren 1 kg
Appelparten 2,7 kg

Vegetables preserves

Artisjokken bodems 400 gr
Olijven zwart gesneden 3 kg
Tomatenpuree 4,5 kg

Fish preserves

Sardines met huid en graat 125 gr
Haringfilets in tomatensaus 190 gr


Tomaten zongedroogd 2650 ml
Quinoa mix 1 kg

Catering, Industries & Institutions

Meat preserves

Corned beef 340 gr